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The Full Story


Trinc clothing is based in Christchurch New Zealand and is focused on providing performance clothing for athletes of all abilities.  All of our products are designed in New Zealand and we are fortunate enough to have a few items made in New Zealand supporting local business. 


Trinc was born from a life long passion of cycling and for me it is a way not only to be involved in the sport I love but also to hopefully help people on their life's journey.

I hope your like our brand and what we represent.

Regards - John


Trinc :
The History of the name

The Trinc name is an amalgamation of my current business - Muscles inc and what was my friend Chris's business - Tri sport coaching.


Chris and I had created the name for a project we were working on, however Chris passed away in 2008 after losing his battle  with depression.  

Chris is part of the Trinc story and as such a percentage of all Trinc profits will be donated to the mental health foundation.

1972 - 2008

Chris was a best friend and he has been a huge inspiration in the vision of Trinc and what it represents.


  Part of that is raising awareness of mental health issues using Morse code.

In honor of Chris who lost his battle with depression and for those who maybe struggling a percentage of our profits will be donated to the mental heath foundation of New Zealand.


Life is an adventure and a journey.  

Parts of Trinc are a reflection of my life and my journey. 

The SOS range is born from a desire to help with change regarding mental health and is part of a story that resulted in the loss of a friend. 

The Heritage range is a homage to a time when I was fortunate enough to work in  Formula 1.

On this journey with Trinc you will see parts of my life, from my family (being pressed into modelling), my pets and the things i am passionate about. 


I hope you like the products as they are born out of a life of endurance sport, a desire to provide a range of quality products and just maybe help achieve a little good in peoples lives.

Hugs - John. 


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