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Our Mental Health Bike Rides

Our monthly mental health bike rides are a way for Trinc to continue it's vision of being a positive voice in mental health and depression.  The concept is more about simply getting out and exercising as a positive in helping with mental health and depression.  

It is not about raising awareness as it is more about the ride itself being a well being ride and a positive step towards combating mental health and depression.  It has been clinically proven that exercise helps so lets get out there, rides some bikes with good people and hopefully feel better.

The plan is to have a mixture of rides to cater to a broad range of cyclist and essentially be inclusive.  Each month we will cycle through (excuse the pun) a different ride.


Easy flat road ride - about 1 hour - 1hour 00 plus a coffee stop

Off road for gravel, MTB and if suitable E bikes. About 1hour 30 finishing with a coffee stop.

Hard hill ride for the more experienced rider 2 - 3 hours


Next Ride
27th April

Our next ride is on Saturday the 27th April.  The concept is an easy social coffee ride.

This ride is for Gravel and MTB bikes.  If you have an E bike that is suitable for Bottle lake forest you are more than welcome

It should be fun and hopefully sociable. 

Things to consider:

A spare tube.

Your ability to do the ride.

The appropriate clothing as plan is to ride regardless of the weather. 


This months Route

The map is essentially this months route barring the start point.  You need to be capable of riding for approximately 1hour 30mintes.


While I am trying to make the rides as inclusive as possible, and there will be options to cut the ride short please make sure you have the ability to do the ride. 


This months ride is  for Mountain bike /  gravel bikes and is a ride through Bottle lake forest.  Suitable E bikes are welcome.

The concept with these rides is to mix up the locations, routes and the type of riding just to make it fun. 

Meet point will be Green Bear Coffee at Parklands Library 46 Queenspark Drive.  

Meet 8:30am and Roll out is 8:45am.

Ride is just over 20km and will take about 1hour 15 - 1hr 30 minutes.

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