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Coming Soon

I just want to share some of the products I am working on and that I will hopefully have available soon.  If you see anything you particularly like feel free to contact us for an update.  

Kind regards


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Available for pre order.  

Our new Argyle cycle kits have been through product and design testing and is now available for pre order.  Order by the end of October for early December delivery

Argyle Do Suit

Exclusive to our New retailer

Our new Argyle do suits will be available from Wednesday 17th October.  Initial stock is exclusive to our new retailer and Online stock available January  1st. 

Details on our new retailer will be announced Sunday 15th of October via our Email list and officially on Wednesday 17th via our social media


SOS road kit 2024

Our SOS road kit for 2024 comes with green highlights and will be available in the new year.

Mountain Bike / Down hill Jersey
Exclusive to Nomadic cycles

Our Mountain bike Jersey is now available exclusively at Nomadic cycles and in limited numbers.    

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