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Our Argyle Tri suit or Do suit as we call it.  It has already been proven to be fast.  In a world of black Trisuits our Argyle suit offers an alternative that will help you stand out from the crowd.  

Tri Suit Argyle Women's

$295.00 Regular Price
$250.75Sale Price
Color: Blue
  • We have taken the original Do suit and turned up the wick with new fabrics that reduce the weight of the suit and improve sunprotection with a UV fabric on the back.  

    We have redsegined pockets to aid access.

    Designed for New Zealand conditions with frabrics choosen for a combination of Comfort,  Aero, Breathability and also Sun protection. 

    There is still a link to our SOS story of raising awareness for mental health and depression.  The lined pattern of the argyle features the SOS dots and dashes integrated into the lines.  

    The integrated style of top and bottom allow for comfort.  Two storage pockets on the rear for those longer races.  The light weight chamois is designed to offer comfort on the bike but not be a hinderance on the run.   

    The bottom of the Do suit also features fabrics that avoid the see through effect you get on some suits, especially when in the aero position.   


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